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Saturday Workshops

We host Workshops to teach students AI tools every other Saturday morning from 9am-12pm in Jackson Hole at the Wonder Institute robotics lab.

See a the schedule and focus of the upcoming workshops here.

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About Gradeless

Gradeless is a new organization that offers camps, workshops and online mentoring to help middle and high school students build the stuff they want.

Our Goals for Students

  • Discover the magic of AI.
  • Build remarkable stuff.
  • Find your tribe.


Will Roscoe is a parent, software engineer and a coach of the Robobroncs robotics team in Jackson, WY. He previously co-founded the self driving platform for small vehicles, DonkeyCar and is currently lead engineer at BuildLimit. He decided to start Gradeless because AI is changing the way we work, learn, and live faster than schools can change their curriculum.

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Small bites of AI learnings.

Make a Portfolio Website using ChatGPT and Replit

Create a simple website using ChatGPT and host it on a Replit virtual server.

AI to Make Music

The recent advances in large language models have also made AI very good at making music. Now anyone can create novel beats and even record vocals in someone else's voice. Students will learn the tools to create their own song or game sound-track. Here's a melody created by AI.

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Midjourney Basics

The bare essentials of how to signup and start using Midjourney.

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Add logo to Gradeless website.

Use Midjourney and ChatGPT Browsing extension to add logo to website.

This site was created using the AI tools ChatGPT and Midjourney