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On Saturday mornings in Jackson, WY we host 3 hour workshops for 6th-12th grade students to come learn and use AI to make games, movies,music and art.

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What happens at a workshop?

Our workshops have evolved to find a balance between building what the students want and helping them learn something.

At the start of the workshop the coach gives a quick demo of a new tool or method that can be used in the student projects. Then the students plan, build and share their projects over then next 3 hours.

Students mostly work independently but are sitting next to other students. The build coach helps keep them on task and helps them if they get stuck. When not helping students the build coach builds a demo project on the big screen so kids can see more advanced topics.

The goal of our workshops is to motivate students build more by showing them how fun it can be. Building with friends is always more fun.

Gradeless Logo


Gradeless is a new organization that workshops and online mentoring to students who want help building things. We focus on teaching AI tools to write code but we occasionally focus on other topics.

Our Goals for Students

  • Learn to solve problems with AI and code.
  • Build stuff for your friends.
  • Find friends that want to build together.

Head Coach

Will Roscoe is a parent, software engineer and a coach of the Robobroncs robotics team in Jackson, WY. He previously co-founded the self driving platform for small vehicles, DonkeyCar and is currently lead engineer at BuildLimit. He decided to start Gradeless because AI is changing the way we work, learn, and live faster than schools can change their curriculum.


Many thanks to the Wonder Institute for creating the Wonder Lab where we host these workshops. It's an amazing resource for the community.

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